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Dr. Jean M Duffy R.N D.C

187 E. Wilbur RD. #1 Thousand Oaks
CA 91360




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Dr. Jean Duffy has been in the health field since 1974 when she started her studies to become a Registered Nurse. She completed her studies in 1978 and went on to a career as a Registered Nurse at Cedar-Sinai Hospital and then later managing the Intensive Care Unit and Coronary Care Unit at Valley Presbyterian Hospital .


Dr. Duffy started becoming disillusioned with the medical field. She was feeling as if she was not utilizing her intelligence and her philosophies regarding health and patient education.

At the same time she started developing headaches. She went to an M.D. and was given pain medications that didn't help.


Dr. Duffy went to chiropractor and got a series of treatments and got a lot of relief and started learning about chiropractic.

The more she learned the more interested she became and decided to start the program in the fall of 1980 and hasn't looked back.


Dr. Duffy likes to use her medical knowledge along with her Chiropractic license to help people obtain optimum health.


Dr. Duffy works with various methods and therapies to get people out of pain and then researches the patient's lifestyles and makes changes and suggestions so the patient can get the maximum benefits and reduce relapses.


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